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WA 082139125256 Fantastic 7 Step Secret Design Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Training,course Water Treatment, Schedule training RO Course, sinar Global Consultant.

WA 082139125256 Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Training,course Water Treatment, Schedule training RO Course, sinar Global Consultant.

Training Schedule & Investment options:
Series Update 10 Agustus , 2018
1. Jakarta, 18-19 September 2018 “ Secret of 7 steps in designing RO (Reverse Osmosis) on an industrial scale” https://wa.me/6282139125256
2. Surabaya, 20-21 November 2018 “ Secret of 7 steps in designing RO (Reverse Osmosis) on an industrial scale” https://wa.me/6282139125256
3. Bali, 23-24 Desember 2018 “ Secret of 7 steps in designing RO (Reverse Osmosis) on an industrial scale” https://wa.me/6282139125256

Schedule In house Training or Public Training : https://wa.me/6282139125256 https://wa.me/6282139125256 telpon 031.3977660 email : info@sinarglobal.co.id | website : www.sinarglobal.co.id Register.training.sinarglobal@gmail.com
Place Course : Hotel
(Yogyakarta, Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Semarang dan Bali) Limited to 10 participants

Training/Course Description
Every industry needs water to meet the needs in the process unit and Also the needs of the household. If you do not buy the industry Generally use river water or sea water to meet Reviews their needs. The source would not meet the specifications as water for process units or for household consumption, therefore requiring prior processing. Processing is done from the water source to Obtain water that truly meets the specifications. There are Several types of water treatment that can be done but in this training will be delivered Reverse Osmosis / Reverse Osmosis.
Reverse Osmosis is the reverse of osmosis, where osmosis is a natural process in the which the two liquids with different concentrations are separated by a membrane with a high concentration of the liquid passes through the membrane toward the liquid with low concentration until it Reaches equilibrium. While reverse osmosis is flowing solvent with pressure exceeding the osmotic pressure of liquids with high concentrations so that the solvent passes through the membrane toward the liquid at lower concentrations. This process makes the solute left in the Irrigated area and the pressure of the pure solvent can flow through the membrane to the other side. The principle of reverse osmosis is not only used for water treatment but Also used in other industries such as the food and beverage industry (syrup).

Training Objectives
1. In this course of participants will be given materials on the basis of principles and variables - variables influential. It is hoped that of participants understand water treatment alternatives other than conventional water treatment is already there and is Able to Consider all the advantages and disadvantages of this reverse osmosis.
2. Participants are Able to Recognize the system faced and to be made
3. Participants Become more familiar with the term world WT & RO
4. Participants can identify the type of system to be created. As well as making draft BQ
5. Participants can estimate the cost of the system to be created
6. Participants can know at a glance about the optimization system
7. Participants can analyze the source of the problem in RO and how penangananannya
8. Participants saw firsthand how RO works.
9. Participants know the chain of choice for Concentrated Water recycle process
10. Participants are Able to design RO Understanding how the expansion / extension of WWT plant

Content outline
1. Reading Raw Water Parameters
2. Determination of Target permeate
3. Calculation of Cost of operational and investment
4. Designing pretreatment
5. Choose and calculate membrane
6. Designing SKID RO
7. Optimization of results and minimization of concentrate

• Reverse Osmosis (RO)
• The basic principles of Reverse Osmosis
• The variables that influence the Reverse Osmosis (RO)
• Understanding of water treatment alternatives
• The principle consideration any advantages and disadvantages of Reverse Osmosis
• Division of Water Treatment
• Terms in the RO process and WTP
• Target Oriented System
• Reverse Osmosis Cost
• Optimizing Design
• Trouble Shouting RO system
• RO system design, Live RO Running, Recycle, Knowledge Test

Training methods
This training presented and delivered in the form of
1. Discussions
2. Sharing, Quiz
3. Training case study

Facilities :
 1 Times Lunch
 2 Kali Coffee Break
 flash Presentation
 Legal pad, Marker
 Seminar kit
 Hard Copy Training Materials
 Certificate
 Trainer Experienced
 Ebook + bag Goody Bag
 Shirt (T-shirt) collared (If Stock is still there)

 https://wa.me/6282139125256 , - per participant (Early Bird Price) Lunas 10 Days Before Training
 https://wa.me/6282139125256 , - per participant (Group Price Min 3 Participants)

Anggi Nurbana, ST | Water Treatment Specialist
Achievement :
o Youngest Waste Water Treatment Principal
o Has Design more than 48 Water Treatment Plant In Indonesia
o Appointed as Water Engineering Expert By 6 Engineering Companies
Professional Installation Experience :
o Furukawa Water Treatment Plant (WWTP & RO)
o Petrochina Jambi (Swamp Water to Drinking Water)
o Sea Water Reverse Osmosis in Makassar Harbour (SWRO)
o Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis System in Huntsman Indonesia
o GMF Water Engineering Consultant @Soetta Air Port
o Compact Waste Water Treatment Machine For ITB
o And Many More
Public Speech Experience :
o Main Speaker For Eco Friendly WWT Seminar Held By KeMenLH (2014)
o Main Speaker For Waste Water Treatment Seminar Held By KeMenKes (2015)
o Appointed Speaker for Water Treatment Seminar By KeMenHut (2016)
o Main Speaker For Upragding Capacity Training in Ciputra Group (2018)

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